Useful Software Tools

This page contains links to software tools that may be useful to anyone using digital music systems. The tools include ripping software, (when you get bored/frustrated doing this - please consider using our Professional CD Ripping Service), music file tagging, album art downloading, WiFi network utilities. Some of the software listed is free, some require payment.

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Album Art Aggregator

Find missing album art for your digital music collection:

dBpowerAMP Music Converter

Useful tool for converting from one digital music file format to another. Once installed it adds some new menu options to the right-click menu in Explorer. You can select entire directories to convert files in large batches.

EAC (Exact Audio Copy)

CD ripping for audiophiles - slow but persistent:

FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec

iPod Updated

Useful for fixing iPod problems:


View and edit music files Apple style:


Many popular ripping and encoding programs use the LAME encoding engine:

Max - a CD Ripper for the Apple Mac

Max is a CD ripping application for Apple OSX. The ripper support various formats including FLAC.


One of the best music management and tagging tools:


Useful for identifying wireless networks, channels in use, and signal strength.

Tag and Rename

Multiformat tagging tool:

Vinyl and other Analogue Audio Sources

For transferring audio from analogue sources take a look at the following applications:

Media Digitalizer

Vinyl Studio


Recommendations to add to the list are welcome. Please email with suggestions.

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