Linn Summer Promo 2019
Linn Summer Promotion 2019

This promotion is a fantastic opportunity for you to upgrade to the latest technology with 10% off all Exakt and Katalyst upgrades.

With Exakt and Katalyst technology, Linn can do things that simply weren’t possible just a few years ago, bringing you closer to the music than ever before.

These two Linn innovations haven’t just raised the bar. They have fundamentally changed the performance achievable from any Linn system, old or new.
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Available from 1st July until 26th August 2019. Exakt or Katalyst upgrade. Which one's right for you?
LINN Katalyst Upgrades

Katalyst Upgrades

Network Music Players

  • Klimax DSM
  • Klimax DS
  • Akurate DSM
  • Akurate DS
  • Selekt DSM


  • Klimax Exaktbox
  • Akurate Exaktbox (6 and 10 channel)
  • Majik Exaktbox-I


  • Klimax 350A
  • Akubarik
  • Akudorik
* must be Exakt variant
LINN Exakt Upgrades
Call 01183218292 for details

Exakt Upgrades

  • Klimax 350A
  • Akubarik
  • Akudorik passive
  • Linn Aktiv Systems (with the addition of Exaktbox):
  • All current and legacy Linn speakers.
  • Some non-Linn speakers. (see here)