CD to Digital Music File Conversion Service CD conversion service

CD Service Deposit
CD Service Deposit
(£25.00 ex VAT )
In Stock
CD Conversion Service
  • Inclusive Collection and Delivery of your CDs
  • High quality conversion techniques.
  • Multiple formats available - including lossless formats.
  • Quick turn around.
  • Help and advice loading your digital music player.
  • Comprehensive and consistent album, artist, track data.
  • Album art when available.
ripcaster CD Conversion, a professional service that quickly and easily converts your entire CD collection into digital music files suitable for your digital music player. Enjoy the full potential of your Digital Music System (Sonos, Linn, Cyrus, , Naim, iPod, etc) with these professionally created files without any hassle. ripcaster converts audio CDs into the following formats: Apple Lossless, FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, WMA Lossless, WAV, and more.

Your Music: From Stuck in a Box to Set Free at the click of a mouse.

Your Music: Stuck in a Box... We provide the materials to pack your CDs and courier collect. We transfer the audio data from the CD using the latest automated techniques with high quality metadata and album art. We load your digital music library on to hard discs, music servers, and mobile players. Your Music Freed. We return your CDs and you begin to rediscover your digital music collection.
Your Music -
Stuck in a box
Packed and Collected Converted Loaded Your Music - Set Free!

...We Do It For You

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Get started by purchasing the "CD Service Deposit"

CD Service Deposit
CD Service Deposit
(£25.00 ex VAT )
In Stock

We also convert other media formats. Please call for details.


  • The highest quality conversion using a custom built robotic ripping system.
  • Licensed metadata providers used for high quality tagging and album art.
  • Quick turnarounds — orders typically processed in four days or less once CD's have been received
  • Every track includes the latest ID3 tagging of Artist, Album, Song, Genre and Year information so you can quickly find favourite tunes and build custom playlists quickly
  • Choice of formats available - including lossless.
  • Digital libraries returned on a DVD and/or hard drive for easy loading onto your computer (for MP3 and high compression formats only).
  • Consistent and accurate tags through checks against multiple databases ensures consistent and accurate labelling—looks great on your digital music system! CD conversion service

Our Service Includes

  • Courier collection of your CDs using the pre-provided packaging.
  • Note that we also accept CDs in jewel cases - additional shipping fees apply - please call.
  • Conversion of your CDs to your chosen digital format(s).
  • Transfer to your MP3 or home digital music system (when provided with your CDs or purchased from us at time of order).
  • Files delivered on DVD and/or loaded on to a hard drive or network attached storage device provided by yourself or purchased from us (see here Store Your Music).
  • A printed index of all CDs converted.
  • A browsable index (HTML) of all CD information.


  • Contact us on 0118 321 82 92 or to discuss your requirements.
  • Purchase a "CD Service Deposit" through the website shopping basket here. The deposit registers you on our system and counts towards the balance payment when we have converted your CDs.
  • Choose the format(s) that you require for your music files (MP3, FLAC, WAC etc).
  • Choose the media to receive your music files (DVD, CDROM, hard drive).
  • Once we have received your CDs we will convert to the specified format(s).
  • The files will then be loaded on to your choosen media (DVD, CD, Hard drive)
  • The index reports will be printed.
  • On completion of the conversion we will contact you to make a final payment to cover the CDs converted. We only charge for CDs successfully converted.
  • Your CDs are returned together with the converted music files and index reports.
  • You rediscover your forgotten music.
  • Store your CDs in the attic.


The following table shows the pricing per audio CD and the discounts available for larger orders.

** The minimum order value is 50CDs or £50.00.

Number of CDsSingle File FormatPrice for additional file formats
50 to 100**£1.00£0.10
101 to 200£0.95£0.10
201 to 300£0.90£0.10
301 to 400£0.85£0.10
401 to 500£0.80£0.10
For example if you have 110 CDs and you require FLAC and MP3 format then the total cost would be 110 x (0.95+0.10) = £115.50

CD Service Deposit
CD Service Deposit
(£25.00 ex VAT )
In Stock CD conversion service

iPods and mobile players

Send us your mobile player (together with leads and any necessary software) and we will load your collection onto the devices for you.
No CD Player in your car?

We will convert and load your CDs into a suitable format for use in your car. Call 0118 321 82 92 for information. CD conversion service
We can transfer to any device CD conversion service

We can transfer to multiple devices including:

  • Copy CD to mobile players and phones e.g. iPhone, iPod, Astell & Kerm, SONY Walkman
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) e.g. QNAP, Synology, Melco, ZoneRipper, kSTOR
  • SATA and SAS Hard drives - conventional or solid state drives
  • Pocket USB drives
  • USB thumb drives
  • SD and mini SD memory cards

Music Servers - XiVA

We also have the ability to load XiVA compatible music servers from iMerge, Elan, Integra and others. Call for details.
iMerge Music ServersIntergar Music ServersElan Music Servers

Storage Requirements

Information about typical storage requirements for different file formats and bit rates can be found here.

Prices are in pounds sterling include delivery and V.A.T. Note that this service is only available in mainland United Kingdom.
CD and DVD Data Conversion

Commercial CD and DVD data Conversion and Archiving

We also offer a service for transferring data from CD and DVD media to hard drives. Find out more on here Commercial CD and DVD Conversion and Archiving Service