Linn Amplifiers

Linn power amplifiers strengthen the delicate signal from the pre-amplifier and drive loudspeakers accurately and musically.
Linn Power Amplifiers
Linn Akurate Power Amplifier

Akurate Power Amplifiers

Akurate amplifiers represent the cutting edge in efficient and responsive distortion-free power amplification.

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Linn Klimax Solo Power Amplifier

Klimax Solo

Klimax Solo is Linn's highest performing power amplifier, dedicated to driving individual speakers without compromise.

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Linn Klimax TwinPower Amplifier

Klimax Twin

Klimax Twin is Linn's highest performing stereo power amplifier, combining outstanding performance with stunning looks.

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Linn Majik Power Amplifier

Majik Power Amplifiers

The Majik range of power amplifiers utilise Linn’s proprietary Chakra technology to provide increased power, reliability and efficiency.

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